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Production Planning And Machine Monitoring Dashboard


Web console for machine monitoring, tracking and reporting large amount of machines backed by hardware that is monitoring them.


Semitronic Industries was already having hardware monitoring with windows application that was working seamlessely for customers to provide data at a single computer. To extend the productivity and efficiency further, they were in need of a web interface to display real time machine performance dashboard and so many management reports that can help their end users to closely monitor and stay aligned with their goals.

Challenges and Solutions

  • We started with centralizing their sql server database and re-used it for web and windows interface from the company network.
  • We implemented secure web solution that was capable to provide key performance indicators of the machines in various departments through real time dashboard.
  • We rolled out 20+ printable reports with lots of filter capabilities to provide enough statistics at various management levels to stay focused and alligned with their goals.
  • Handling large amount of data receiving ever 5 second from every hardware attached to every machine in all department, decoding it and displaying it in dashboard in real time was challenges but was resolved correctly.
  • Due to requirement to handle large amount of data, auto backup, archival and performances were key challenges that we successfully came over.
  • Since the solution was actively consumed by more than one customers, we provided acceptable application support after delivering the solution to keep their customers happy by providing minor and major features that were key to them.

From The Client

We contacted Facile Technolab Team to help us implemented a web interface with limited time and budget to ensure our customers stays happy with the commitments that we made with them. We are proud to say we make a right decision to choose and depend on this team and achieved right solution with good customer satisfaction. We recommend this team to anyone who is looking foward to depend on a really expert team to stay focused with your own expertise. Excellent team!

- Maurya Shah, Managing Director, Semitronic Industries.