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Client Story

One of our clients from Australia in the Tech Startup Industry wanted to create SaaS MVP for the Manufacturing industry in the medical domain as they identified a huge opportunity in small to medium scale industry missing an affordable manufacturing execution system. They wanted to focus on the use case for one of their clients and at the same time make it reusable and should be easy to customize and on-board additional clients as the business grows.

Business Case

Small and mid-size companies in the medical manufacturing industry were seeking an affordable manufacturing execution system due to the government's compulsion of tracking and auditing the process of manufacturing for each material or equipment that is built by the companies in that domain in Australia.

The government decision created a big opportunity as there was no affordable manufacturing execution system that can handle such compliance for small and mid-size businesses in Australia. So, our client decided to partner with one of the companies and build a manufacturing execution system that can solve that specific business problem for the specific industry.


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • Architecting SaaS/Multi-tenancy with a configurable workflow that fits more than one product manufacturing for the same company.
  • On-boarding more than one company and help them track their manufacturing process.
  • Data Isolation, customizations, and configurations, cloud hosting.
  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface.
  • Basic analytics and reporting features


Facile Technolab collaborated with the client and started planning, designing, and architecting the solution that fits the requirement.

  • The agile product development approach to iteratively deliver product features
  • Used Angular with bootstrap in the front end
  • Used ASP.NET Core 2.1, Web API, Entity Framework with PostgreSQL, REST API, Swagger in the back end.
  • Used Route 53, EC2, ALB, ASG, and auto-scaling groups from AWS to host the product.
  • Single Host database and separate tenant databases to ensure data isolation
  • Dynamic subdomains mapped to the specific tenant to implement personalized company-specific subdomains in SaaS MVP
  • Sprint wise deliveries, interactive sprint demo sessions, and continues feedback and enhancements helped us create MVP The Result


The client in the Tech Startup industry achieved objectives and key results like:

  • Completed SaaS product MVP within 10 months and on-boarded 5 companies from the medical industry started using the product for their manufacturing execution.
  • The startup becomes part of the top 10 most promising start-ups recognized by the Australian government as part of their government funding program.
  • The startup received funding to scale the product to better serve the medical manufacturing industry.

Technologies & Tools

Angular DotNET Core AWS DotNET Core and Angular


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Client Feedback

" The facile Technolab Team has shown a professional approach, excellent communication, and due diligence required to achieve the SaaS product MVP for the manufacturing industry. We are very happy and satisfied with the output as we achieved our key results and objective. We are proud to be partners of the Facile Technolab Team and recommend them highly. "

- CTO, Technology Partner Company Australia

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