FinTech Modernization and SaaS Development Case Study

Client Story

One of our clients in Jamaica in the FinTech industry had a payroll and accounting product that was popular in Jamaica and the countries around it. The products were built before several years using old technologies and was in form of desktop application.

Business Case

In 2020, The client discovered an opportunity to work on project for the finance and accounting industry company who had the payroll management product. The company wanted to migrate it to cloud and convert it into a SaaS software.

Being a highly experienced SaaS development and modernization company, client contacted us and shortlisted us as their partners.


  • Limited understanding of finance and accounting industry in Jamaica
  • Limited people and support from existing team who built the current product.
  • No documentation, no one to answer questions from the technical team, and majority of the tech stack is deprecated, third party integrations and components are no longer available.


  • Worked on Proof of concept and researches on most critical part of the
  • Created backlog of all the features needed and lined up in the sprints
  • Set up a SaaS project and delivered 3 consecutive sprints on time, deployed
    and working on the beta environment.


  • Client validated all 3 sprints and happy with theoutput
  • Client was able to complete the front end development with angular to release the new version of the software.

Technologies & Tools

Angular DotNET Core Microsoft Azure DotNET Core and Angular


SaaS Development Cloud Application Development Cloud Migration Software Modernization

Client Feedback

" Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd has completed some of the deliverables, which please the client. They are always understanding and available to coordinate the project. Moreover, they follow agile methodology, which impresses the client the most. "

- Kevaughn Campbell, Digital Specialist Kingston, Jamaica

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