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Client Story

Luke Technologies LLP, one of the Facile Technolab Team's onshore partner needed help in modernizing a legacy ColdFusion web application of a popular education industry business in the United States so that the web application can better serve their renewed business processes and operations changed so much across the years since the web application has been built.

Business Case

College Planning Network is a college admission and financial aid planning company in United Stated. They provide business services like funding advisory, admissions, and financial aids and advisory to the families planning for their kid's college admission. They make the process of their college admission easier, hassle-free and eliminate the anxiety of all college admission processes.

They are using an online operations management system for a very long time which is built using deprecated technologies and is not sufficient to meet their current business operations and causing lots of manual work and limitations.

So they approached Luke Technologies LLP to help them modernize their legacy system. Being a technology partner and modernization experts, Luke Technologies LLP partners with us to convert the legacy application into a modern, user-friendly, automated, and efficient system with cloud migration. The system is implemented with critical business process automation features like managing budgets, budget activities, requirements, RFPs, receiving quotes from suppliers, approving quotes, creating invoices, related dashboards, and reports. The resulting app uses all latest technology development stack from SharePoint Online, it is cloud-based and uses Azure, and efficiently implemented to automate their budgeting process with 10x better collaboration, management, tracking, reporting, and decision making all made simple for people at all levels of the company.


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • Modernizing web application keeping the existing data of all their dealers, organizations, events, membership information, and other key data.
  • Analyzing existing features, understanding the business use case, and planning features that make employees more productive
  • No support from the team who built the legacy system.


Facile Technolab architected cloud-based modern web application with agile project management methodology and delivered:

  • Modern single page web application using angular in the front end
  • Microservices with Highly scalable and secure back end using ASP.NET Core, web API, Azure SQL, and related technology stack.
  • Azure DevOps to implement CI/CD and iteratively deliver every sprint that can show regular progress, build confidence, and testable at every stage to track progress and take preventive and corrective actions.
  • SQL Server Analysis service for ETL existing data to the new database
  • Trello for managing project sprints and deliveries
  • Skype for online collaboration


College planning network achieved objectives and key results like:

  • It was 20x easier to manage workshops for advisors due to easily creating workshops, inviting parents, managing the RSVP, and booking post-workshop consulting all in a single platform.
  • 10x improved payment and invoicing through recurring billing, and payment dashboards to show the list of clients with expired cards, failed payments, and other key statistics required.
  • Implemented student and parent’s portal with FAFSA calculations, admission forms, college shortlisting, and many more options required to plan their admissions and financial aids.
  • Dynamic content management system to publish new content at any time.
  • Serverless and cloud-based solution with automated backups and low recurring costs
  • CI/CD to provide continuous deliveries, demos, and continuous improvements.

Technologies & Tools

Angular DotNET DotNET Core and Angular Microsoft Azure


Software Modernization Microservice Architecture Development Enterprise Application Development

Client Feedback

" The entire Facile Technolab Team has done an excellent job. Very strong in the whole of .NET Stack. Strong Front End Development skill in Angular4. They handled the service layer using ServiceStack effortlessly. They were able to investigate ColdFusion Code and handle older technologies. During their work times, they are always available on Skype and were able to join impromptu discussions. I wish them All the Very Best as they grow their team. "

- CTO, Luke Technologies LLP. United States

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