Full Stack React.js and asp.net core Product for Developer Mentoring Platform

Client Story

One of our clients from Canada in the computer software industry wanted to create a mentoring platform for programmers. They wanted to create an online website where experienced programmers can help the fresh programmers learn essential skills of certain programming stack and get paid for the same.

Business Case

One of our clients from Canada has identified a potential business idea for computer programming industry as there are no good online platforms available where fresh programmers can get guidance and mentoring on key programming skills for various programming languages.

So, the client worked on prototyping an idea into a wireframe that shows various features of the proposed product MVP and looking for a technical agency who can convert the wireframes into Full Stack Reactjs and .net core Product for Developer Mentoring Platform MVP for Programmers


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • Cloud based technology stack with architecture that can support mobile apps without changing backend code.
  • Ability to maintain mentor, mentee and course creation, assessment and tracking skill progress.
  • Ability to setup payment and subscription by course or set of courses.


Facile Technolab collaborated with the client and planned the 5-month product roadmap that includes:

  • ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Web API, Identity Server, Entity Framework Core and Azure SQL, secure swagger and related technology stack for building backend services and admin panel.
  • React.js, Redux, Material-UI for React library, and related front-end technology stack to build the responsive web app.
  • Microsoft Azure blobs web application to host the front end react web application
  • Microsoft Azure Sql and Application services to host the backend.


After delivering 3 sprints within 6-week, client’s priority changed, and the project was paused. Withing first three sprints we implemented:

  • Ability for mentors to sign up and add courses, course specific skills, skill specific assessments etc.
  • Ability for mentees to sign up and enroll to the course.
  • ASP.NET Core Identityserver4 was used for registration, user and role management.

Technologies & Tools

React.js DotNET Core DotNET Core and React AWS


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Client Feedback

" Facile Technolab Team shown proficient tech skills to handle this MVP development. The communication process, development process and the on time deliverables were the most efficient parts of our engagement. "

- Entereprenuer Canada

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