Order Processing System Application For Engineering Industry Case Study

Client Story

One of partner in United States has been helping their clients in the Engineering industry dealing with material processing business. The client has been receiving various metal materials for various processing. On receipt the material has been processed and dispatched back to the company owning the material and client charges the material owner for the processing done on the material.

Business Case

The client is using manual system to receive the goods with the orders, process it as per the order instructions and ships it back upon the completion of the process. Our on-shore partner proposed a system to improve and automate many areas of the process and worked with us to create an MVP to start using it for the most important aspects of the system.


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • Identify daily capacity, order scheduling and efficient order processing instructions.
  • Better visibility of scheduled, in progress, completed and shipped orders.
  • Tracking of invoices, receivables, and payment of orders.


The partner company created an initial architecture to build an asp.net mvc based web application that will make it easy to receive orders, process the orders, dispatching finished good, and associated invocing. The initial solution was planned to deliver the key features of the system that can be used to prove the usefulness of the system.


As identified by the partner company, after deploying the first beta version of the system, client started using order dashboard, account dashboards and identified 10x better handling of orders and invoicing through dashboards and reports produced by the system.

Technologies & Tools

Razor ASP.NET & ASP.NET MVC Development Microsoft Azure


Application Development Services Custom Software Development Services

Client Feedback

" Facile Technolab Team taken up an existing structure just from the middle and the hourly resource we hired started contributing from day 1. Availability, Ability to pause contract, Transparent reporting and active participation are some of the many reason why we would love to continue with this team and recommend it to anyone. "

- Michael Hehl, CEO Curtissumo, United States

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