Front End Development for IT Company in Canada Case Study

Client Story

One of our clients in Canada in the Information technology industry is on the mission to make IT asset management for the other industry companies easy by using their product. The product is running successfully and helping the other industry companies to manage their IT assets.

Business Case

In 2020, The client sensed the product has the potential to grow but due to limitations of the way the product was built needed some modernization and cloud migration to achieve the next stage of growth for the product.

So, the client contacted us to join in and provide consulting, support, and development to fast-pace their modernization and cloud migration project.


  • Their core team who built the original product for many years was not always available to keep supporting the product and make it grow.
  • There are many technology stacks used in the product and it was not easy to find developers of them to keep maintaining and extending the product.
  • It was not possible to migrate and run products to the cloud with the existing monolithic architecture of various tech stacks altogether.


  • We engaged to provide technical consulting for their new back-end api
    development challenges and removed roadblocks to make it run smooth.
  • We provided angular developers for their front end development needs to speed
    up their release of the new version.


  • Client was able to release the backend API on time for the front end development
  • Client was able to complete the front end development with angular to release the new version of the software

Technologies & Tools



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Client Feedback

" Their professional yet friendly manner in which we were able to communicate and work together is impressive. He was able to step outside of his assigned tasks to help me on issues I had, or to help the other developers when problems arose. "

- Chris Dunlop, Project Manager, QuickTech Canada

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