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The entire Facile Technolab Team has done an excellent job. Very strong in the whole of .NET Stack. Strong Front End Development skill in Angular. They handled the service layer using ServiceStack effortlessly. They were able to look into ColdFusion Code and handle older technologies. During their work times, they are always available on Skype and were able to join impromptu discussions. I wish them All the Very Best as they grow their team.

Anil Bobba United States

We hired resources from Facile Technolab to create sales dashboard, customization of SharePoint templates, approval workflows and other custom development. We are already using all these services since last 2 years and will be happy to continue with this in future as well! We highly recommend Facile Technolab for any SharePoint, SharePoint Online or .net development work!

Lucas Meadowcroft Australia

The project was successfully completed on time and the contractor has worked hard to meet all requirements. We will use this contractor again, without a doubt.

Christian Torvnes Norvey

Our .NET Core REST API Development Services

.NET Core REST API Security

Use JWT, forms/custom, Azure AD, SAML, AWS Cognito or any other type of third-party authentication system for Authentication and Authorization in your web API

.NET Core REST API Version Control

Use the standard api Versioning system to ensure the consumers are always aware about latest versions and do not use deprecated APIs.

.NET Core REST API Documentation

Use Swagger/Open API documentation with high-security access, executation and wedll documented.

.NET Core REST API Unit Testing

Use power of TDD to add minimal unit test cases to ensure the REST API is always healthy and know if it's broken before the consumers.


Automate deployment of the latest version of the REST API through Azure DevOps or AWS Code Deploy

.NET Core REST API Containerized

Use docker to deploy containerized REST API application on cost-effective cloud services.

Why you should choose Facile Technolab?

We are the team of good software engineers who will be with you in your mission to make the world a better place!

1. Lean

We are a lean and focused tech house. We have tech-stack, tools, frameworks, processes, practices and attitute needed to make projects successful.

2. Availability

You will feel we are always available and listening. Our communication process will make you feel like you hired the team next door!

3. Expertise

We are always there when you feel you need a good listner and some guidance on strategy, approach, planning or advise related to the project. Our consulting house is just a call away for you!

4. Proactive

We are doers when you are confident and clear. We are thinkers when you aren't. Our processes are built to ensure you are getting what is needed without any gaps!

5. Communication

This is reported as the best part of the engagement by many of our clients. We team up and set communication process that makes you feel informed and in control always during our engagement.

6. Experienced

We have done this so many times for so many clients! We know what it takes to make projects successful.

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