How we built a Marketplace Platform MVP and integrated Generative AI

In this article, we will cover how our team helped launch an online marketplace platform mvp.

Marketplace Platform Marketplace Platform MVP Generative AI Integration

How we built a Marketplace Platform MVP and integrated Generative AI

  • Prashant Lakhlani
  • Friday, January 19, 2024

In this article, we will cover how our team helped launch an online marketplace platform mvp.

I'm going to share a story of our collaboration with one of our existing client. He has an amazing idea to innovate the way corporate event happens in the industry.

The client has good understanding of managing software projects. The client believed design thinking and building prototypes is key step to succeed. So, when our first engagement happened, the client had a figma prototype of 60% of the system ready.

The client's expectation was to get guidance on certain areas of the application. He also wanted to hire a team that converts the figma design into working system from start to finish. Since client had prior experience working with us, they contacted us for this new project.

The Marketplace MVP

The marketplace MVP was very easy to use. Being a corporate user, you are organizing corporate event. So, you will use the site to search for service providers. You will request for proposal. For each of the services you need, you can shortlist the quotation received.

Being a vendor, who serves corporate events, you can add your business and services. You can accept the RFP if it's relevant. Generate quote for the RFP received. Get confirmation of acceptance or rejection from the users.

The key features

The key features that we identified during discovery sprint are:

  • Responsive UI: Users should be able to use the system in the desktop, tablet and mobile devices.
  • Multilanguage: System should auto detect the user language from the browser. Ability for users to choose/switch their language.
  • Social Authentication: Ability for users to login with their Google and Facebook accounts.
  • Google Maps: Ability for users to see a maps view of the business or service listings
  • Marketing Plans: Monthly subscription for vendors to promote their listings.
  • Add Ons: One time add Ons for vendors to verify their business, paid profile setups, photo suites etc.
  • Listings: Ability for users to see the services based on city, category, and other filters.
  • Request for Proposal: Ability for users to request for proposals from the listing
  • Receive Quotes: Ability for users to receive quote from the interested vendors
  • Approve/Reject Quote: Ability for users to shortlist the quote.
  • ChatGPT Integration: ChatGPT API will help users to generate the language specific content. Here are some examples:
    • Ability for vendors to generate business and service listing description
    • Ability for users to generate request for proposal description
    • Ability for vendors to generate quote

Our approach

We started with a discovery sprint and shortlisted the in scope features. We also identified the gap in the Figma design prototypes and suggested improvements. At the end of the discovery sprint we had vision of in scope mvp features, timeline and budget.

Tech Stack: React.js, Next.js, Redux and Javascript in the front-end. ASP.NET Core, REST API, ASP.NET Web API, Entity Framework Core Code First, Azure SQL, Azure Storage used for back-end. We hosted both back-end and front-end applications in the Azure App Services.

The client engages throughout the project. Client received the dev site hosted on azure after first two sprints. Our team kept updating the dev site after every sprint. The client had flexibility to review and change things as we go.

The result

As we proceed towards the sprints, the client added some important features. Also, updated the UX for some of the modules to be more user friendly. Integrating stripe, google map, language and culture detection was also tricky. Finally, our team deliver all the MVP features with 100% client satisfaction.

Our team stood by the client for any support needed during the beta launch. We will be supporting client as they will go live with the full launch in Jan 2024.


It was yet another successful project delivered! Our first product idea of building a marketplace platform mvp turned into reality! Subscribe to our newsletter to receive a notification as we publish related case study on our website.

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