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Ionic Cross-platform Mobile & Web Application Development

Ionic Cross-platform Mobile & Web Application Development

One codebase, any platform. Build and ship hybrid, progressive web apps and powerful cross platform mobile apps four your business needs.
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Ionic Cross-platform Mobile & Web Application Development Services Overview

Ionic Framework is an open source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality mobile and desktop apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Ionic Framework is focused on the frontend user experience, or UI interaction of an app (controls, interactions, gestures, animations). It’s easy to learn, and integrates nicely with other libraries or frameworks, such as Angular, or can be used standalone without a frontend framework using a simple script include.
Facile Technolab is an Ionic framework development company offers hourly/project-based resources for your ionic framework mobile app development projects. In addition to provide high quality dedicated resources in Ionic Framework development, we provide mobile design, REST API development and web development as well. That makes any entrepreneur or idea owner easy to implement their MVP and build long term relationship with us right from the beginning of their project development phase.

Ionic Cross-platform Mobile & Web Application Development Services

1. Hybrid Mobile Apps

Suitable if you are planning a small mobile application but do not want to hire different resources to do designing & prototyping, documentation, development, testing and publishing etc.


2. Progressive Web Apps

Build progressive web apps that loads like a traditional web apps but offers functionalities of native mobile applications such as push notification, work offline and device hardware access.


3. Dedicated Resource or team for Ionic Development

Hire dedicated resource or team for your Ionic mobile & web application development at affordable price.


Why Ionic Framework?

Ionic Framework has become widely used cross-platform (hybrid) mobile development framework because of so many reasons

1. Free & Open Source

Ionic Framework is free and open source. Ionic web site also has a free UX Builder called Ionic Builder and a cloud platform to host your demo applications in Ionic Cloud and viewable in Ionic Viewer. All of these is FREE!

2. Amazing default UX

Ionic Framework comes up with default material design UX that is easy to customize and extend using SaaS. You can customize default theme or component by overriding classes from default ionic framework SaaS variables.

3. Built for Performance

Mobile applications built with Ionic Framework performance almost as equal as native apps. That makes it much more advisable compared to Cordova or phone gap.

4. Works with Web

Ionic Framework applications also works on web browsers as a website. It also supports progressive web development and comes up with features to develop high performing apps using these concepts.

5. Cross-platform

Once you are happy with your business application written in Ionic Framework, you can start packaging it using cross platform build tools to publish it to iPad, iPhone, Android and windows mobile devices.

6. Backed by Open source community

Ionic framework has become some of the most popular SDKs to develop cross platform mobile apps

The entire Facile Technolab Team has done an excellent job. Very strong in the whole of .NET Stack. Strong Front End Development skill in Angular.

Anil Bobba

United States
We hired resources from Facile Technolab for customization of SharePoint. We highly recommend Facile Technolab for any development work!

Lucas Meadowcroft

The project was successfully completed on time and the contractor has worked hard to meet all requirements.

Christian Torvnes


Fixed Cost

Best suited for you if you are having detailed requirement specifications and wireframes.

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Best suited for you if you want to do technical research, POC, or broadly scoped requirements with limited or no documentation.

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Dedicated Resource or Team

Best suited if you are looking for a long-term, on-going project and need a developer or team

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Why Facile Technology As Your Custom Application Development Partner?

It takes a champion to lead your vision to the reality! We will be that champion for you.

1. Affordable

We are at 37th best outsorcing cities in the world (checkout Tholons top 50 cities for outsourcing destinations 2017 list). We offer affordable offshore solutions with high quality and best response times.

2. Availability

Maximum availability, periodic demo and phase wise development. Availability requirements from customer are part of our contact.

3. Experts

We kept our promises and delivered at 99.99% accuracy till date. It takes an expert to achieve balance of time, cost, quality, priority, severity and happiness of stack holders at the same time! We did it so many times.

4. Proactive

Our proactive approach towards development and delivery always helps our customers and clients to better solve their problems with minimum cost.

5. Look for wow!

We love to hear wow from our customers when we deliver our work. Good isn't enough for us, we always try our best to go for great!

6. Experienced

You cannot document everything no matter what! It takes and experienced team to build solutions with obvious features and participate by listening and suggesting to take best for the product decisions.