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Reactjs front end web application development for food delivery mobile first startup


The Client's Story

One of our clients from Chicago, United States in the restaurant industry wanted to create a web application for their existing mobile-first startup. Their native app MVP is implemented in some restaurants and they are seeing a good adoption rate for the same. Most of the restaurant visitors do not prefer to download an app from the app store to order food and that is causing the startup to have very limited growth over 6 months period.

Business Case

One of our clients from Chicago, United States has an innovative idea to help restaurants operate with reduced staff and allow the restaurant visitors to scan the barcode on the table to get started with ordering their food and pay in the same app by end of the visit.

They took the mobile-first approach and built a native app MVP to try it out in some restaurants and restaurants and visitors both were liking it. However, some restaurant visitors did not want to download another app from the app store just to order a quick drink or meal.

The startup decided to have a cross-browser and lightweight web application that can work in the browser of any phone and should contain basic features that visitors can use to do quick order with an option to switch to an app later to use advanced features.

That’s when the Startup contacted us to help build them a Reactjs front end web application development for food delivery that contains the MVP features from the native app.


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • Use an existing back-end API with limited or no changes to implement web application.
  • Considering browser security restrictions and limitations when implementing a web application
  • No support from the back end or native team.

The Solution

Facile Technolab collaborated with the client and planned the Reactjs front end web application development as per the need that is:

  • Created wireframes for designing a responsive experience for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • React.js, Redux, Material-UI for React library, and related front-end technology stack to build the responsive web app.
  • Generated postman collection for API calls to understand back-end API functioning.
  • Completed the entire react.js web application in 3 months of engagement.

The Result

The project was not successful due to the unavailability of the client to perform User Acceptance Testing for the delivered web application.