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Office365 SharePoint Online Provider Hosted Add in for Budgeting


The Client's Story

One of our clients in the event Management Industry wanted to create an app in their SharePoint Online that can help them standardize and automate their event budgeting process. Being an expert offshore SharePoint development company, we took the challenge to architect, design, develop, and deliver the proposed app for them.

Business Case

The system is implemented with critical business process automation features like managing budgets, budget activities, requirements, RFPs, receiving quotes from suppliers, approving quotes, creating invoices, related dashboards, and reports. The resulting app uses all latest technology development stack from SharePoint Online, it is cloud-based and uses Azure, and efficiently implemented to automate their budgeting process with 10x better collaboration, management, tracking, reporting, and decision making all made simple for people at all levels of the company.

Automation of any business process requires a very good understanding of business operations, very rich collaboration between teams from both sizes, and proactive approach to make the budgeting app easy to use and automated for the most part. This is where we teamed up with our clients. Our deep knowledge of SharePoint Online, high experience working with a wide range of industries, and our curiosity to build a mission-critical app with already available technology and development standards made us shortlisted to become a technology solution provider for this challenging project.


Some of the key challenges identified are:

  • User interface and experience must be 100% match the SharePoint Online Modern look and feel.
  • Budgeting process must be automated for internal employees and external suppliers.
  • Ability to avoid redundant manual entries like supplier quotes etc.
  • Budget should be tracked individually from start to finish with Dashboards and reports.

The Solution

We proposed the development of a Provider Hosted (Azure) SharePoint Online Addin that uses modern UI library, Azure, ASP.NET MVC, and related technology stack to develop the proposed app. We created the first sprint of two weeks to develop a working prototype of Provider Hosted SharePoint Online Add for their budgeting app from the wireframes provided for the budgeting app process automation. The prototype application worked well, served all the needs, and was sufficient to prove it will solve their budgeting problem. We iteratively built the entire application using Agile methodology.

The Result

Budgeting App built with Provider Hosted SharePoint Addin has improved employee collaboration, automation, tracking, and monitoring projects and saved lots of time managing budgeting in the company during the event. The client is very happy with the results and working with us to automate more processes using the same method.

From The Client

Our budgeting process was manual, and we wanted a technology partner who can help us automate it. We connected with Facile Technolab Team's SharePoint experts and they started to help us right from our initial engagement. Their agile-based delivery approach, excellent availability, periodic demo, and ability to easily understand our process and help us optimize the App through proactive engagement are just some examples of why we recommend working with them.
Project Manager,
Client Company

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