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Manufacturing Execution System


This is a brand new modern web site represents MVP of Manufacturing Execution System. 


Create a multi-tenant (SaaS) solution of manufacturing execution system that represent the key MVP capabilities of MES. 


  • Build a microsoft service architecture with SaaS and Multi-tenancy support that is capabile to handle requests from front end web application and Lab View hardware.
  • Use user friendly UX with modern single page capabilities along with SaaS and multi-tenancy support
  • Due to early stage startup, use cheapest possible resources and solutions that are available to achieve proposed solution.


From The Client

Facile Technolab Team has been an excellent partner as they has been listening and bringing best case solutions to achieve MVP which we used to generate funding. We are confidently releasing feature on time sprint by sprint and getting good involvements of the team by contributing ideas and options at every stage of the development. Support and availability being at offshore has been amazing. This is something playing big role by taking full responsibility to planning, development, devOps and maintainance while we can focus on product management.

- CTO, Technology Partner Company (Confidential)