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Legacy Coldfusion Web Application to Cloudbased Modern Single Page Application


Luke Technologies LLP, one of the Facile Technolab Team's onshore partner needed help in modernising a legacy ColdFusion web application of a popular automobile association in United States so that the web application can better serve their renewed business processes and operations changed so much across the years since the web application has been built.

The Cleveland Automobile Dealers Association (GCADA) was originally assembled in 1903 for the purposes of participating in parades, contests, and automobile shows. The first Cleveland Auto Show was held at Gray’s Armory in February that same year in downtown Cleveland, featuring 15 Cleveland-made automobiles, in addition to several other manufacturers exhibits from other cities throughout the country.

Today, the Greater Cleveland Automobile Dealers’ Association (GCADA), which represents over 250 new motor vehicle dealerships in a 21-county region of northern Ohio, including franchised new-car and truck, motorcycle and recreational vehicle (RV) dealers, provides 45 products and programs, including many specialized services such as a second-tier financing company, HR management program, sales consultant and title clerk training classes, in-house legal services, and promotes the Cleveland Auto Show.

GCADA's online portal plays major role in their operations. Luke Technologies LLP, Ohio contacted Facile Technolab Pvt. Ltd to associated and help them in modern single page architecture design and development. Being a long term technology partners of Luke Techologies LLP, we teamed up and helped GCADA with legacy coldfusion web application converted to cloud based modern single page application.

Key challenges:


  1. Modernizing web application keeping the existing data of all their dealers, organizations, events, membership information and other key data.
  2. Analysing existing features, understanding the business use case and planning features that makes employees more productive
  3. No support from the team who built the legacy system.


The solution

We built a cloud based modern single page application that uses modern technology stack like Azure Web Apps, Azure Sql, Angular, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core and related technology stack to deliver high performing, scalable, web based portal.

The Results

Newly created modern and cloud based business application helped the organization to boost their business processes, increase employee collaboration, and make handling of their various operations like events, training, audits and membership easy, automated, error free and paperless.

From The Client

Facile Technolab Team played critical role in success of the project by providing their technical excellence. They take responsibility of full conversion, always listened and helped to maximize usefulness of the product and always there to support. I am very happy with their performance in the project and I will keep using them long term. I recommend Facile Technolab Team as a technology partner to anyone needing a depedable Microsoft Technology Expert Team.

- Anil Bobba, CTO, Luke Technologies LLP.