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We help software engineering teams deliver their product faster and bug-free by providing remote, offshore .net core team

The Good engineers for your software engineering team along with full guidance and consulting where needed at any stage of the project.

We an offshore .net core development company in India specialized in microsoft and cloud technology focused on helping softare engineering teams. Our developers are highly adaptive and experience working with many software engineering team across the team that makes them well aware about the tools, best-practices, coding standards, processes and policies. We worked with clients from many different industries and countries to help them with:

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Client Referrals
Years of Service
Satisfied Clients

Our Client Say

The entire Facile Technolab Team has done an excellent job. Very strong in the whole of .NET Stack. Strong Front End Development skill in Angular. I wish them All the Very Best as they grow their team.

Anil Bobba

CTO, College Planning Network, United States

Our Customers Say

Facile Technolab Team worked very hard to deliver the product with a very short deadline and he achieved it with a good quality as well. I really appreciate the work performed.

Vignesh Pattabhiraman


Our Customers Say

Facile Technolab Team worked and delivered best possible solution by respecting the promised time even if it was very challenging. We were able to demo the application to the stockholders and received approval and feedback to proceed with project.

Manuel LLOP


Our Customers Say

I wanted to implement customer portal to track loans and integrate it with my QuickBooks. I am happy that I found Facile Technolab for this solution.

Stephen Roberts

United States

Our .NET Core Development Services

ASP.NET MVC Web Application Development

Build business-critical web applications that are fully secure, cloud-ready, and helps you hit the long-term goals of your business.

Choose the technology partner with 15+ years of experience with 100% job success score and all star reviews with 85% clients from referral!


Angular and ASP.NET Core Web Application Development

Use Angular front end and ASP.NET Core backend, AWS/Azure Cloud and CI/CD tech stack using agile methodologies.

See, review, validate and enjoy your projects/products being built week by week in real time.


React.js and ASP.NET Core Web Application Development

Use React.js front end and ASP.NET Core backend, AWS/Azure Cloud and CI/CD tech stack to build path-breaking products using agile methodologies.
Bring your product idea alive one week at a time and delight seeing it built bricks-by-bricks!


Vue.js and ASP.NET Core Web Application Development

Use Vue.js front end and ASP.NET Core backend, AWS/Azure Cloud and CI/CD tech stack.
Choose the technology partner that joins your mission, and guides you where needed in your exciting journey!


Back-end ASP.NET Core REST-API Development

Build well-documented, secure, scalable, cloud-native, and higly responsive REST-API.

Use the power of experience, tools, frameworks, practices and process to fast-pace your REST-API that never blocks any teams


Legacy application modernization

Modernize and re-engineer your business application to convert it to highly responsive, scalable, cloud hosted by taking advantage of modern technology stack.

Get your application reviewed to know the detailed step-by-step plan from beginning to go-live


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