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Starting at just $960 USD/month, hire fully dedicated for your team within a week or less.

Key Features of our Dedicated Remote Offshore Team or Developers

Top quality developers ready to join immediately

No middle man, work directly with the developers

Fully productive developers, 100% tracked time, no offline hours

Fully aligned to your development process

No hidden charges, minor rate increase after a year

Pause contracts anytime, resume at any time.

Flexible payment terms, discounts on bulk long term hires

Wide range of skills, free consulting for best hiring results

No hiring fees, no minimum terms, minimal work covered

Our Top Full Stack Development Services

.NET Core and Angular Development

Modern, Secure, High-performance, cross-platform back end development

.NET Core and React.js Development

Most popular front end framework popular for building component based UI

.NET Core and Vue.js Development

One of the popular light-weight front end framework for UI development.

ASP.NET Core Development

Robust ASP.NET Core solutions for powerful and scalable web applications.

ASP.NET MVC Development

Creating dynamic and interactive web applications with ASP.NET MVC.

C# Development

Leveraging the power of C# for robust and scalable solutions.

Node.js Development

Building high-performance web apps with Node.js for seamless user experiences.

VB.NET Development

Expert VB.NET development services for robust and scalable business solutions.

Python Development

Python development services for building powerful and efficient applications.

React Development

Leverage the flexibility and efficiency of React.js to craft modern and engaging user interfaces for your web projects.

JavaScript Development

Harness the power of JavaScript to create dynamic and interactive web applications that captivate your audience.

Angular Development

Unlock the potential of Angular framework to build robust and scalable web applications with superior performance.

Vue.js Development

Embrace the simplicity and versatility of Vue.js to develop intuitive and high-performing web applications that leave a lasting impression.

Blazor Development

Experience the next-generation web development with Blazor, combining C# and Razor syntax to create powerful and interactive client-side applications.

Razor Development

Utilize the Razor syntax to build server-side web applications that seamlessly integrate code and HTML for efficient development and maintenance.

Umbraco Development

Empowering businesses with customizable and scalable CMS solutions.

Microsoft SharePoint Development

Enhancing collaboration and productivity with robust CMS solutions.

Orchard Development

Building scalable and customizable CMS solutions for businesses.

Kentico Development

Empowering businesses with feature-rich and user-friendly CMS solutions.

DotNetNuke Development

Building scalable and secure web portals with ease.

nopCommerce Development

Build a robust and scalable online store with our nopCommerce development.


✔ Recognized as TOP-RATED on upwork, ✔100% job success score on upwork, ✔ Rating of 4.9 from 17 reviews, ✔ASP.NET Zero Reseller Partner, ✔ Umbraco Registered Partners, and many other awards and regnizations. Not convinced yet? Check out what our clients say:

Web Development for Precision Components Manufacturer

" Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd's work is now in use by more than 20 individuals, reflecting its great quality and usability. The team provides daily updates and communicates clearly and proactively. The client commends the team's flexibility, professionalism, and keen understanding of the requirements. "

- Managing Director, Summers Engineering Sydney, Australia
Custom Software Development for SaaS Company

" Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd delivered a fully-functional solution that met the client's standards and expectations. Leading a structured approach, the team managed their tasks well and delivered on time. Their transparency, top-tier customer support, and enthusiasm were hallmarks of their work. "

- Director, SaaS Company Location Brisbane, Australia
App Dev for Capital Program & Portfolio Mgmt SaaS Company

" The app is still in development, but the client is at a great point right now thanks to Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd. The team has improved the models and made them faster, and they’ve stood out for their responsiveness and cooperative approach. They communicate well via WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams. "

- Founder & President, CPM-365 Pennsylvania, United States
Custom Software Dev for Software Dev Company

" Thanks to Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd's engagement, the client is able to demonstrate a functional prototype to their end client that has received positive feedback. The team has executed an effective project management style. They are prompt and communicative in the partnership. "

- CEO, ZYGADOX Melbourne, Australia
Website Development Management for Social Media Company

" The vendor's efforts are critically important to the business. A reliable, proactive team, Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd collaborates seamlessly with internal stakeholders. Their deep understanding of Western culture has facilitated their coordinations with other employees based around the world. "

- Co-Founder, Social Media Company Westlake Village, California
Custom Software Dev for IT Services Company

" So far, Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd has been meeting the deliverables. The team uses Slack to communicate and Trello for documentation. The client has been impressed by the team's professionalism and friendly approach. "

- Lead Developer & Project Manager, Quicktech Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Web Dev for Software Dev & Consulting Company

" While the project is still ongoing, the client is working well with Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd. The vendor is highly responsive with a collaborative mindset. "

- Engineering Manager, Kryssalis Software Raleigh, North Carolina, United States
Custom Software Dev for Parking Solutions Company

" The work provided by Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd satisfied all project stakeholder requirements, helping to present a working MVP to their third-party client. Though the business did not take off in the end, their team provided all of their work within relevant budget and timeline constraints. "

- Former CEO, Silex Lab Lyon, France
Software Development for Tech Solutions Provider

" The project met the expectations of the third-party client, leading to further business for the client. Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd establishes communication channels to ensure an effective workflow. The team is talented, trustworthy, and personable. "

- President, CEO, College Planning Inc Cleveland, Ohio
Dev Staff Augmentation for Financial Services Firm

" Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd successfully filled the gaps in the client’s internal team with talented resources. They not only provided qualified people but also managed tasks well — all projects were delivered on time. The partners communicated mainly via virtual meetings, email, and messaging apps. "

- CTO, Financial Services Firm Sydney, Australia
Custom Software Development for Fintech Company

" Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd has completed some of the deliverables, which please the client. They are always understanding and available to coordinate the project. Moreover, they follow agile methodology, which impresses the client the most. "

- Project Manager, Fintech Company Kingston, Jamaica
SaaS Development for Event Service Company

" The client had been able to put their new development projects to work because of Facile Technolab Pvt Ltd. Throughout the partnership, they used agile technology with daily calls on Skype. Their most admirable service had been their good communication process. "

- CEO, Event Service Company Medellin, Colombia

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