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Software development service offerings overview - Facile Technolab

As a customer, Facile Technolab's offerings gives you very flexible options to engage with us. Our engagement model that works by fixed cost projects or by effort based pricing with dedicated resource/team will give you freedom to choose whatever fits best to your requirements.

Our Engagement Models

Effort Based Model
Effort Based Pricing Model, also known as Time and Material is one of those options where you spend only for what and how much you use. The total cost within in model is a function of the total time taken in the execution of the project and the resources deployed therein. This model gives the client total control over the money spent and is highly flexible according to the needs and individual requirements. 

This model is very useful in scenarios where there is a constant change or the outset of the project is not completely decided. Or if there is a new emerging technology, new idea without proper plan, undocumented business process or workflow applications, evolving requirements due to lack of experience/evolving market, integration of heterogeneous environments/third party dependence, parallel development of hardware and software for controlling the hardware, exploratory nature of some technology projects, for ongoing projects such as support/enhancements, protocol stacks/operating system kernel software/device drivers development etc.

Project Base Pricing (Fixed Price Model)
Fixed price models are those where the client gives all the detailed information related to the project, the specifications, and then pays for the project in a pre defined fixed amount that has no scope of any further changes. 

Fixed Price Models are best suited for those kinds of projects where all the specifics are fixed and clear, especially the ones of small scale and less in complexity. You can use this model when your project has all the requirements laid out clearly from the initial stage till the delivery time and there are no changes happening.

Let's get started!

We are very flexible with our offerings and even if any of the above methods of engagement doesn't work for you, we will find out the best suited model that works for us. Get in touch to get started with!

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