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Introduction to Ionic Framework Development

Ionic Framework Logo Ionic framework is is a set css classes and library of javascript directives and modules built on top of angularJS. Ionic framework provides all the functionalities that can be found in native mobile development sdk. Ionic framework allows hybrid mobile applications development in which code is written using angularJS, typescript, SaaS and related web technologies and it can be compileted into native Android, iPhone, iPad or windows phone applications. Biggest advantage of Ionic Framework hybrid mobile app development approach is, it doesn't require matainance of different native codes in different languages for the same business application. You can focus on business features of the mobile application without worriying about maintainnig, managing and releasing same set of features in different mobile platforms.

Facile Technolab is an Ionic framework development company offers hourly/project based resources for your ionic framework mobile app development projects. In addition to provide high quality dedicated resources in Ionic Framework development, we provide mobile design, REST API development and web development as well. That makes any entreprenuer or idea owner really easy to implement their MVP and build long term relationship with us right from the begging of their project development phase.

Why Choose Ionic Framework?

Ionic Framework has become widely used cross platform (hybrid) mobile development framework because of so many reasons:

Free & Open Source

Ionic Framework is free and open source. Ionic web site also has a free UX Builder called Ionic Builder and a cloud platform to host your demo applications in Ionic Cloud and viewable in Ionic Viewer. All of these is FREE!

Code generation using CLI/Yoeman

With tools like ionic framework CLI or yoeman generators, it becomes really easy to generate boilerplat code that has meaningful defaults based on options you pass in commandline. You can generate a base application and add various components during development using these tools.

Works with Web

Ionic Framework v2 applications also works on web browsers as a website. It also support progressive web development and comes up with features to develop high performing apps using these concepts.


Ionic Framework v2 applications uses angularjs 2.0 and previous version of Ionic uses earlier production release of AngularJs. That makes it easy to adapt this framework development if you are already familiar with AngularJs Development

Amazing default UX

Ionic Framework v2 comes up with default matrial design UX that is really easy to customize and extend using SaaS. Ionic 2 has 2 default themes, light and dark. You can customize default theme or component by overriding classes from default ionic framework SaaS variables.


Mobile applications built with Ionic Framework performance almost as equal as native apps. That makes it much more advisible compared to cordova or phone gap


Ionic Framework v2 supports development in typescript which makes it possible to utilize power of typescript's strongly type extended javascript features to make more reliable application development in javascript.

Cross Platform

Once you are happy with your business application written in Ionic Framework, you can start packaging it using cross platform build tools to publish it to iPad, iPhone, Android and windows mobile devices.

What we offer for your Ionic Framework Development?

We at Facile technolab are really flexible at our offerings. Here are some of the options for you to consider:

Standard Hybrid App

Suitable if you are planning a small mobile application but do not want to hire different resources to do designing & prototyping, documentation, development, testing and publishing etc. You will get a single point of contact from kick off till UAT/production move that will help you at every development stage. Here is list of what we offer:

  • Dedicated project co-ordinator
  • Web admin console for administration (Microsoft stack)
  • REST API with oAuth2 client credential flow and sql server back end (Microsoft stack by default but you can choose)
  • Milestone 1 - Mobile app design and requirement documentation
  • Milestone 2 - Implementation of app design in ionic view
  • Milestone 3 - Implementation of app
  • Milestone 4 - UAT
  • Milestone 5 - go live

Dedicated Ionic Framework Developer

Suitable if you are quit technical and want to manage resources yourself. Here is what you will get:

  • Execllent in communication & daily reporting
  • Available over skype during promised development hours and fills meaningful daily detailed timesheets
  • Basic knowledge of Agile based development
  • Good understanding of source control systems like git, svn, mercurial etc
  • Good understanding of in-built ionic features
  • Best practice ionic development.
  • Open for external code reviews.
  • Full source code is hosted in your own repository.
  • Open to Sign NDA.

API Development

Suitable if you are building a mobile app and looking for back end secure REST API.Here is what you will get:

  • REST based API with full documentation
  • All API calls will be fully secured by oAuth2 client credentials flow
  • Implemented using asp.net web api, entity framework and Microsoft Sql Server
  • Implemented with CQRS and tested driven development
  • Ready to extend to utilize social authentication

Let's get your first mobile app done now!

If you are an enthusiastic technology geek and planning to be part of the rear entrepreneurs of the world, we can help you implement your first mobile idea into MVP!

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