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What is Ecommerce?

e-Commerce or Electronic Commerce enpowers businesses to sell their products and services over internet. As number of devices connected to internet is growing carzy, it is creating huge opportunity for businesses to take advantage of it.

Why Facile Technolab?

Facile Technolab has dedicated team of experts who knows some good microsoft technology based ecommerce solutions and are experience implementing them for many businesses.

There are many advantages of choosing Facile Technolab as your ECommerce development company like:

  • Customer first – We focus on your Ecommerce requirements and always bring in technologies that CAN do it instead of saying no and forcing to accept limitations!
  • Innovation + technology – We are ready to roll our slives to implement any new/innovative payment, listing or social media integrations that are not already available of the shelf.
  • Transparent professional practice – our professional communication practice, attitude to deliver best and clear invoicing policies are some of the many top reason clients love to work with us again and again!
  • Experience – our founding partners are really experience and have hands on experience implementing large scale technology solutions in real life. That makes it easy to depend on us for most of the businesses.

Technology we use

We are microsoft, cloud and mobile expert company. We use microsoft web technologies like asp.net mvc, c#, sql server and associated stack for web development. We use microsoft azure as our cloud technology stack. We use Ionic as our mobile development stack. Our approach will be to build anything that is extensible and mobile ready. We build solutions that are available as web apps and then eventually easily extensible to be availble to mobile devices as well!

What we offer?

  • Ecommerce application development & customization
  • Custom E-commerce Website Design
  • Self-manageable ecommerce platform
  • Inventory management made easy
  • Integrated Delivery mechanism
  • Responsive eCommerce Websites
  • Responsive Mobile Site
  • Hassle free catalog management
  • Smart Order Management
  • Efficient integrated shipment solution

Got an interesting IDEA? Lets implement it!

If you need to hire an expert developer for your next project or want to outsource ecommerce development work by having a specialist company onboard, get in touch with us today

USA: +1 (713) 624-0825
India: +91 769 806 0437
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