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DotnetNuke Development and Consulting Services

Introduction to dotnetnuke development and consulting services

DotNetNuke is one of the most popular open source content management systems built on Microsoft ASP.NET technology that is used to develop, deploy and manage Intranet, Extranet and Websites. It also very cost effective as it is an Open Source, thus it is available for free, helping in reducing the overall cost.

Our DotNetNuke(dnn) development and consulting services cover 360 degree customization of DotNetNuke(dnn). We are proud to provide our dotnetnuke(dnn) development services since its early 4.x version through out the latest stable version and we know dnn from bottom up. Our team closely follow marketplace, blogs, updates and changes in dnn and actively contribute to dotnetnuke community on various forums over internet.

DotNetNuke development and consulting service offerings

We provide development and consulting of all DotNetNuke Editions and we have prior experience delivering almost all types of customization in DotNetNuke Development

DotNetNuke Module Development

Create any type of custom forms, listtings, graph/charts, Integrations (SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamic CRM or any REST service integration) and much more

DotNetNuke Skin Designing

Create responsive, amazing looking dotnetnuke skin extensions. Convert your psd designs into dotnetnuke skin extensions.

DotNetNuke Custom portal development

Create e-commerce help portals, learming management systems, course registrations, lead pages, directory listing of businesses, community/fundraising/non-profit portals and much more

DotNetNuke Third Party module customizations

We can customize modules that you have purchased. We have prior experience customizing CataLook, OnyakTech and many other modules.

DotNetNuke Cosulting

We can answer all of your questions, do proof of concenpts and researches and help you in your decision making to provide you best possible guidance with our knowledge

DotNetNuke Migration Services

Migrate your DotNetNetNuke sites with almost no downtime!

DotNetNuke Support

DotNetNuke support is best choice for companies having many DotNetNuke sites still in production and having trouble maintaining them up and running. We can offload your responsibility of maintaining DotNetNuke up and running.

Any other dotnetnuke customization

We are expert in integration to/from dotnetnuke. We provide dotnetnuke support, custom provide development, portal generation templates and almost everything that is possible to customize in dotnetnuke!

What we have done so far

DotNetNuke Modules
DotNetNuke Skins
Upgrades & Moves


The project was successfully completed on time and the contractor has worked hard to meet all requirements. We will use this contractor again, without a doubt.

Christian Torvnes, Ligante, Norvey

Facile Technolab resources knows DotNetNuke as an expert and makes life much easier with his knowledge :-)

Prashant Sheth, MyOrgWorks, United States

Exceptional contractor. Professional, knows his stuff. Will continue working with him.

John Stough, NearMe Networks, United States

This was a small task, but enough to show excellent professionalism, availability, and skills. This contractor did a great job and I am already sending him more work.

Thomas Gregg, Australia

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