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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Development Company - Facile Technolab

Why you need Customer relationship management (CRM)?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a tool that can help you manage your relationship with existing and potential customers. CRM can help you manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. A right CRM can help you to access customer related data and documents into a single database and available upon few clicks.

Which CRM is right for you?

There are many vendors who offer free limited cloud version of CRMs to help you kick start with your first CRM implementation. Since every business has unique requirements to capture various aspects customer data and communication flows, sometimes it becomes difficult to use these free CRMs. We have prior experience working with customers who already tried one or the other CRMs either self hosted or cloud version which is free and then decided to go for custom CRM. This is where we can help! Our dedicated team will go through the detailed requirements that you are having and analyze various CRMs and their capabilities to check if they can suite you or not. Based on the paid report created dedicatedly for your use case, you can decide to go for specific CRM implementation and we can help you at each stage until your team is comfortable using your wisely choosen CRM on daily basis.

Custom CRM Development with us

If you have already tried various solutions and already know that custom CRM is an answer to your requirements, we can surely do it for you! Our proactive team of expert programmers can help you implement CRM in quiquest possible way! There are some unique advantage to work with us like:

  • Customer first – We focus on your CRM requirements and always bring in technologies that CAN do it instead of saying no and forcing to accept limitations!
  • Innovation + technology – We are ready to roll our slives to implement any new/innovative payment, listing or social media integrations that are not already available of the shelf.
  • Transparent professional practice – our professional communication practice, attitude to deliver best and clear invoicing policies are some of the many top reason clients love to work with us again and again!
  • Experience – our founding partners are really experience and have hands on experience implementing large scale technology solutions in real life. That makes it easy to depend on us for most of the businesses.
Technologies we use

We are microsoft, cloud and mobile expert company. We use microsoft web technologies like asp.net mvc, c#, sql server and associated stack for web development. We use microsoft azure as our cloud technology stack. We use Ionic as our mobile development stack. Our approach will be to build anything that is extensible and mobile ready. We build solutions that are available as web apps and then eventually easily extensible to be availble to mobile devices as well!

We have prior experience with following:
  • CRM Requirement Elevation matrix report
  • Customized CRM Development
  • Custom extensions, plug-ins and integrations in between various CRM and other tools.
  • Automation on management reporting, synchronization of products, contacts and stocks etc.
  • Automation on importing/exporting various data to migrate from one to the other CRM

Want to start using/extending CRM? Lets get started!

We can help you need help with your existing CRM to automate or integrate it to some other system. We can also help if you need CRM but not sure which one is right CRM for you. Contact us today and we can get started!

USA: +1 (713) 624-0825
India: +91 769 806 0437
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