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We use so many free tools and utilities developed by open source community. We feel we can give back to the community by providing guidance from our expertise of 10+ years industry experience. Read through to find out what is covered.

Free Consulting - How it works

Its very simple, you can just click on Free Consulting link above and share your details with us. We will contact you via email to schedule the best time to schedule a call and we can get started. No credit cards, commitments or obligations. Free free to use our expertise and guidance free of cost! Just go for it

Why Free Consulting?

As we said, we believe the best way to grow is to grow together. As we use lots of tools, scripts, codes and softwares that are free and provided by an awesome open source community, we feel this is how we can also contribute back. This is also a good way to build professional long term relationship but that's totally secondary

Is it really free?

Yes! Its totally free. We have limited slot of weekly hours based on our work priorities and we schedule calls at first come first serve basis and try to connect and help maximum people with their questions.

What expertise is covered?

Well, no one can be 100% expert in everything and we are not as well! We don't guarantee to solve your problems but we can promise to listen to you carefully and curiously ask questions to understand your needs and pains and see if we can guide through some solutions.

if you are technical, you can visit our web site home page and look at footer where all the technologies that we work are mentioned. You can still connect if some of the technologies are not covered as we have a strong partnering network and we can refer you the right vendor that can help.

Any other questions?

If you have further questions, you can leave a comment below. We are eager to hear back from you.

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