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| Facile Technolab | 611 | 0 core is next version of that is FREE and Open Source. core is developed by Microsoft community. Applications built with core can run on full .net framework and cross platform .net framework. That makes it possible to run on systems like Mac and Linux as oppose to 4.0 version. Core Name core development core has been named with several code names like vNext, 5 however, to make it clearer to state core is not next version or an update to an existing 4.x they named it as core. Core Components core, mvc 6.x, entity framework 7.x, identity core and razor core are some of the components in core. Core IDE

Visual studio commuity edition is the most popular tool to develop core application on windows platform. Since core is cross platform, you can use visual studio code to develop and host core application on non-windows platforms. Core Performance core promises better performance and you can review performance benchmarks that compares core with other compititors like 4.6, nodejs, scala, netty etc. So you can expect best performance with core Core Middleware core comes with a new middle ware to modify core execution pipeline. Middleware approach compared to previous version of offers better modularity. You can write your own custom middleware modules that can be configured in startup. You can find out more about middleware in core documentation


In this article, we covered some basic introduction to core. Want to know more? please let us know through comments what more topics you want to see in core and we will try to cover them

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